birth name connor david moreau . birth date & age October 29th, 1967 ; 51 years old . distinction Alpha . current residence new orleans, louisiana . occupation bar owner & blogger . status not mated & single .
astrological sign scorpio . parents Lillian & Marc . siblings Jesse, Jordan, Alessandra, & Zoe . pets Bradey . children jenna (19) .
Kathy Weinberg never stopped joking that she went into labor because of the fireworks at the fourth of July party her family had be holding, and that her little Jesse just wanted out to join the festivies. However, his arrival did not come until 3 AM, hours after she had first gone into labor. He was the fifth and final child to the very boisterous family. They were one of those families that were always in each others business, but very close knit. However, Jesse wouldn't trade it for anything in the world - they are his rock and his support system, and he would have been lost without them. However, even with such a big and loud family, Jesse Adam Weinberg enjoyed his alone time and often tried to find time to escape for a while.

He dealt with his issues growing up, sometimes not always able to relate to people and often lost himself in films and music. And when it came to dating, he wasn't exactly someone you would call romantic. When he was a teenager it was fine enough, but as he got older it made it a little more difficult for him. He tried though, but on more than one occasion he was left high and dry due to his inability to really put himself out there. It would change eventually though, one day he would find someone who would turn his world upside.

Since a child he was often fascinated with storms and the whole aspect of stormchasing. Living in Kansas he was no stranger to tornados, and found a passion in filming them. Spending a great deal of time as a stormchaser with a group of people he had met. However, that wasn't his only passion, and while he never wanted to be a fullblown musician, he dabbled enough to often take jobs as a studio musician as he worked on furthering his filmmaking career. Expanding it beyond storms, but so many other topics to be captured on film.

While on location in Hawaii, he encountered a girl by the name of Keoni Suong. The very girl who would change his entire world with a simple hello and a beautiful smile. After heading back to Kansas, the two kept in touch via email and other ways, and soon enough he couldn't get her off his mind. Not that she hadn't invaded his thoughts often from the first time they met. Eventually things began to progress and the friendship turned into more, and after a few trips he packed his bags and headed to New York to be with her.

• Spent some time as a stormchaser. Primarly filming the storms and helping further his career as a filmmaker.

• While most of his relationship history is a little on the shaky side, things eventually turned around for him after meeting Keoni Suong on a trip to Hawaii.
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